Food Trucks at the 2022 Expo Day

on Saturday, April 23, 2022 EXPO DAY

2022 vendors include
Chaney’s Dairy Barn, BG Dawgz, To-Go Box, & Taste of Europe

Apply to be a SKy Science Festival Expo Day vendor:

SKy Science Festival’s 2022 EXPO DAY will include a limited number of vendors. For information, send a message to

* Bowling Green city regulations require that all vendors must provide a certificate of liability insurance for $1,000,000 and that lists SKy Science Festival, Inc. as the additional insured party.

* Food vendors must also register with the Health Dept and follow Health Department regulations.
To operate: the Health Department will require you do the paperwork and pay the fee (fee is waived for nonprofits) for a temporary license (must have license before festival). For more information contact Susan Davis, 781-2490 Ext 254 / or Patrick Davis 781-2490 Ext 245 / (Best time to call is 8am-9:30am, Monday – Friday.)

FOOD BOOTH REGULATIONS: The Health Department will be onsite to confirm that all food preparation/serving areas adhere to the following regulations:

Notify the health department (270.781.2490) to obtain a temporary food service permit at least one week prior to the event. The cost is $25, however they waive that fee for nonprofits. Provide a list of menu items to be approved by the health department. Menus are to be kept simple.

1. The following are to be kept on hand for each operation:
(a) Probe thermometer (0-220 degrees Fahrenheit) for monitoring food temperatures.
(b) One (1) container of water for utensil washing. (Hot soapy water)
(c) Dish washing Detergent
(d) One (1) container of water for clear rinse
(e) One (1) container of water with bleach 50-100 ppml. (ex. 50 ppm chlorine = 1 ounce of bleach/8 gallons of water). Utensils must be submerged for at least one minute.
(f) Chlorine test strips for checking sanitizer solution.
(g) Household bleach (5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite)
(h) Insulated container filled with warm water with a spout for hand washing.
(i) Container to catch waste water from hand washing.
(j) Hand soap (pump style)
(k) Paper towels
(l) Non-absorbent container for refuse and food wastes

2. All food must be enclosed in a tent or trailer and openings must be screened.

3. All potentially hazardous foods must be kept at 135 degrees F or above, or 41 degrees F or below during storage, display and transportation.

4. Food must be prepared in a licensed kitchen.

5. Plastic must be under food preparation/serving areas.

6. Hats or hair nets must be worn.

7. You must wear disposable gloves when handling food.

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