2022 Expo Day

Expo Day 2022 was held on April 23rd, from 10 am to 5 pm at Circus Square Park, Bowling Green, KY.

Some highlights of the day included:
– The giant inflatable colon from the KY Cancer Program (see picture, below)
– Manette Steel Drum’s performances & workshops (see picture, below)
– Silk screening t-shirts
– The aluminum pouring of visitor-made casts
– The liquid nitrogen volcano (see picture, below)
– Scrumptious food provided by our food trucks
– Science songs by Dave Foster and Masako Jeffers (see picture, below)
– and much, much more

VIsitors to Expo 2022 walked through the giant inflatable colon to get to the restrooms.
Workshop participants made steel drums
The liquid nitrogen volcano blows sky high
Dave and Masako perform science songs

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