2018 Expo Day

You know its a good day when something you encounter makes your jaw drop – 2018 SKy Science Festival.
The 2018 SKy Science Festival T-shirt was truly unique – a Do-It-Yourself experience in screen printing.
Jim Madison guided participants through the screen printing process, to make shirts with the design he created just for the 2018 SKy Science Festival.
MetalCasters of Kentucky provided a Do-It-Yourself experience for the 2018 SKy Science Festival, where participants created their own mold, to be filled with molten aluminum by the MetalCasters of Kentucky team.
Do-It-Yourself button making was the culminating reward for 2018 SKy Science Festival “passport” challenge.
SKy Science Festival activity tents are staffed by experts, and it is wonderful that those experts come in all sizes, shapes, colors, & ages. The 4H members that created this wearable technology are still in high school.
SKy Science Festival offers experiences for all ages.
“Exploring new ideas and discovering new things about the world” is the reason given by attendees at SKy Science Festival for why they come back year after year.
“The chance to share `how it works’ about exciting aspects of everyday life” is the reason given by volunteers that host each activity tent at SKy Science Festival.
SKy Science Festival take us places we might not otherwise get a chance to explore.
The joy of experiencing new things is SKy Science Festival’s primary attraction.
At the 2018 SKy Science Festival, everyone is a scientist!!
Seeing our world in new ways — 2018 SKy Science Festival
Science allows us to see farther and to view our world in ways otherwise invisible – 2018 SKy Science Festival
The 2018 SKy Science Festival was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring day in SouthCentral Kentucky

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